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Celebration of Australian Women in Surf Gala 2017

Sally Fitzgibbons Gala.jpg

It was a pleasure to attend the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation Celebration of Australian Women in Surf at the Novotel Manly Pacific over the weekend.

Listening to all the stories from female surfing greats like Pam Burridge and Layne Beachley is a never ending source of inspiration as well as learning opportunity. So many of these women fought external as well as internal battles that have shaped the landscape for other women in surfing to be able to have the careers we have to today, as well as for females in general to be treated equally in the water at any level of surfing from social to professional level.

Thank you to Canon Australia for having me. It is a pleasure to be part of group that so strongly supports women in surfing.

Burleigh Brewing BLA 2017

Brewing Local Artists.png

What an incredible evening of fun at the Brewing Local Artists 2017 art exhibition at the Burleigh Brewing taphouse. Getting involved with the local artist community is one of my biggest passions. Seeing so many cool different art styles and getting to show off my own photography is always such an honour. My favourite artists on the evening were Tamara Armstrong and Go Suga, two distinctly different art styles, but each so captivating.

I chose to show surf images taken in ambient light, after sunset from the Gold Coast. It is always a challenge shooting in low light. Some of the exposures from that evening were over 2 seconds, which is a phenomenal challenge in a moving body of water and capturing a moving subject (the surfer).

Thanks to Burleigh Brewing for having me on the evening and for taking the time to support our arts community.

Noosa Surf Film Festival 2017 / Canon Surf Photo Workshops

I have never formally taught anyone how to take a surf photo, so it was with nervous excitement that I lead two surf photography workshops with Canon Australia in conjunction with the Noosa Surf Film Festival.

canon workshop 1

My camera feels like an extension of my arm, so showing people the ropes ended up coming quite naturally to me. It was such a pleasure meeting the diverse group of surf and camera enthusiasts. It goes to show that surfing and photography are such inclusive pastimes. I was so excited to see the enthusiasm from young and old in learning new skills and having the opportunity to try all of Canon’s latest camera gear!

canon workshop 2

The film festival is such a highlight for Noosa. With so many awesome events including arts and music at the Thomas Surfboards factory, surfboard shaping with Andrew Warhurst, and of course the film screenings including our feature Women In Surf Series, there is no better reason to put Noosa in the calendar every October!

canon workshop 3

Canon - Women in Surf

Super excited to share a piece of my story of women in surf, alongside Sally Fitzgibbons , Brooke Farris, Belinda Baggs and Macy Callaghan. Thank you so much to Canon Australia for making this possible!

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE VIDEO and see more of the stories!

Photo by Ed Sloane // Canon Australia

Behind the shoot of "MOOD"

"... When I’m looking to create something, I do already have an idea of how long the edit is going to be, and I tend not to go over that. I think it’s actually helpful to creativity as it helps focus the direction, and puts a premium on quality too."

Thanks to Handsome Citizens for this behind the shoot interview with myself, Hallie Rohr, Roisin Carolan and Ivy Thomas.

To read the full interview CLICK HERE

RedBull: Making Waves in Photography

"I spend my time with people I like, in an environment that I love, doing something I'm passionate about. There are no limits in this job. You can push yourself to physical, creative and mental extremes. Stagnation only exists when you allow it."

Super stoked to be interviewed by Mimi and the team at RedBull. Thanks guys!

Click here to check out the whole interview.

Mood - A short film

Proud to unveil the short surf film Mood which explores our changing moods showcased by three of the world's most talented up and coming female longboarders Roisin Carolan, Ivy Thomas and Hallie Rohr. This short film was produced for the Coastalwatch/Surfing World film competition Reelers. Hope you all enjoy! And of course, feel free to share.

Check out the film here

Still Stoked Interview

"I don’t like rules and I don’t like boring. Simply, I take photos I want to see. The photos I take, I want to be excited and interested by."

Very honoured to be interviewed by Still Stoked who has been at the forefront of promoting women in action sports since before it was cool. Have a read below of my unfiltered thoughts on close to, well, everything! Thanks again Still Stoked!

Click here to read the full interview


Coast to Coast with Blank GC

"For Fran Miller, the ocean is everything. Her reputation in the surfing community is growing because of her dedication in the water. Without fail, she’ll be floating around Snapper Rocks with wet hair and a dry camera. Maybe you’ve seen her?"

To read the full article click here or get your hands on a copy of the September issue of Blank GC!

Thank you Aaron Chapman and Blank GC!

Nouvelle Vague: Photographer of the Week Interview

"If I capture an image of a muse surfing late into the night, I am asking what drives a passion so deep that a person will surround themselves in this vast body of water at an hour when most people are sitting at home watching TV..." 

Thanks to Roxanne and Nouvelle Vague for a fun interview!

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