Sally Fitzgibbons

Celebration of Australian Women in Surf Gala 2017

Sally Fitzgibbons Gala.jpg

It was a pleasure to attend the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation Celebration of Australian Women in Surf at the Novotel Manly Pacific over the weekend.

Listening to all the stories from female surfing greats like Pam Burridge and Layne Beachley is a never ending source of inspiration as well as learning opportunity. So many of these women fought external as well as internal battles that have shaped the landscape for other women in surfing to be able to have the careers we have to today, as well as for females in general to be treated equally in the water at any level of surfing from social to professional level.

Thank you to Canon Australia for having me. It is a pleasure to be part of group that so strongly supports women in surfing.

Canon - Women in Surf

Super excited to share a piece of my story of women in surf, alongside Sally Fitzgibbons , Brooke Farris, Belinda Baggs and Macy Callaghan. Thank you so much to Canon Australia for making this possible!

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE VIDEO and see more of the stories!

Photo by Ed Sloane // Canon Australia