Burleigh Brewing Company

Burleigh Brewing BLA 2017

Brewing Local Artists.png

What an incredible evening of fun at the Brewing Local Artists 2017 art exhibition at the Burleigh Brewing taphouse. Getting involved with the local artist community is one of my biggest passions. Seeing so many cool different art styles and getting to show off my own photography is always such an honour. My favourite artists on the evening were Tamara Armstrong and Go Suga, two distinctly different art styles, but each so captivating.

I chose to show surf images taken in ambient light, after sunset from the Gold Coast. It is always a challenge shooting in low light. Some of the exposures from that evening were over 2 seconds, which is a phenomenal challenge in a moving body of water and capturing a moving subject (the surfer).

Thanks to Burleigh Brewing for having me on the evening and for taking the time to support our arts community.