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Artist's Statement

Prima Donna – the leading lady who captivates the audience around her. The term has had derogatory connotations in recent years, but this collection hopes to challenge that notion. She is not temperamental, no overinflated view of herself. Instead she is a heroine while unmistakably the star of the show. She is capable of acting bravely, performing skilled tasks with seeming ease. She may stand noticeably tall, physically demanding the attention she rightfully deserves. Or she can act demurely, being only an outline, yet her presence is monumental.

The inspiration for this collection was directly influenced by the female protagonists in the artworks, and my hometown and local surrounds where the images were taken. The Gold Coast of Australia is considered one of the heartlands of surfing, and every wave caught there is witnessed by a judging audience as the surfer takes centre stage in her performance. I have seen marvelous feats on this stage of both tremendous character and physical skill. My heroine is a true Prima Donna, worthy of adulation.


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