Frances 'Fran' Miller is a Sydney born photographer now living on the Gold Coast of Australia.

Specialising in fine art surf and water photography, Fran has been published in a variety of international editorial publications as well as being ubiquitous online and across social media channels having worked with a large number of world renowned surfers. Fran is a regular contributor to The Inertia and World Surf League.

"Instinctively I enjoy taking photographs that leave the viewer with more questions than answers. I am a surfer and I am passionate about the ocean, but I crave creating pieces that explore moods and feelings rather than being solely documentative, whilst still using surfing and the ocean as my medium.

I take diverse and somewhat incoherent inspiration from a wide spectrum of artists such as Caravaggio, Bernini and Munch as well as photographers like James Welling and John Chiara. Going forward, I am truly excited to test and explore the evolution of photography in surfing, and hopefully leave my audience perplexed, questioning and reflective."

"I love Fran's work. She's got an eye for the unusual and creates delicate but strong imagery. As well as her fine art approach, she's also delivered outstanding results to various editorial briefs commissioned by White Horses magazine, and has been fantastic to collaborate with."

Gra Murdoch – founder White Horses Magazine.