snapper rocks

Home days - Rainbow Bay Session 13/03/19

It can sometimes be difficult to explain why a large number of us choose to live and surf in one of the busiest surf locations on the planet. Rainbow Bay has an almost secret but distinct community of surfers that call this part of the world home. A meeting place at all hours of the day, but in particular the late afternoon session, where the worries of the working day are washed away.

A chronological sequence of 130+ photos from late afternoon till after sun set.

Photographed with a Canon 1dxii, fixed focal length of approximately 62mm, exposure times ranging from 1/500 second to 1 second.

Early morning sleep ins...

I was up early for a photoshoot with talented young logger Jordan Spee from the Sunshine Coast but he had been sick as of late and we decided to postpone the shoot. 

When I did my first surf check, there were 25 people in the water before sunrise and it was one can only mean one thing...Sunday! 

Without my board with me and with camera in hand, I snapped a couple of photos of some happy crew that were enjoying the Sunday Sliders....Happy Weekend Everyone!

IMG_5332 fran-miller-photography-snapper-rocks-gold-coast-australia.jpg
IMG_5372 fran-miller-photography-snapper-rocks-gold-coast-australia.jpg
IMG_5406 fran-miller-photography-snapper-rocks-gold-coast-australia.jpg
IMG_5448 fran-miller-photography-snapper-rocks-gold-coast-australia.jpg
IMG_5473 fran-miller-photography-snapper-rocks-gold-coast-australia.jpg