Early morning sleep ins...

I was up early for a photoshoot with talented young logger Jordan Spee from the Sunshine Coast but he had been sick as of late and we decided to postpone the shoot. 

When I did my first surf check, there were 25 people in the water before sunrise and it was one foot...it can only mean one thing...Sunday! 

Without my board with me and with camera in hand, I snapped a couple of photos of some happy crew that were enjoying the Sunday Sliders....Happy Weekend Everyone!

IMG_5332 fran-miller-photography-snapper-rocks-gold-coast-australia.jpg
IMG_5372 fran-miller-photography-snapper-rocks-gold-coast-australia.jpg
IMG_5406 fran-miller-photography-snapper-rocks-gold-coast-australia.jpg
IMG_5448 fran-miller-photography-snapper-rocks-gold-coast-australia.jpg
IMG_5473 fran-miller-photography-snapper-rocks-gold-coast-australia.jpg