Elyse Lu

Yes to new experiences - #ONEWAVE

It's an amazing feeling to be surrounded by people who love and care about the same things you do. When Elyse (Lu) told me about the web series she wanted to create, I was onboard immediately. Titled "One Wave", it's a beautiful and personal look at the internal (and external) drivers of a person in their pursuit of surfing.

Elyse is an amazing human, who cares deeply about individuals. She is completely genuine and selfless and it shows in the way her subjects respond and interact with her filmmaking style. 

I have never done much water filming even though I have done countless hours of water photography. It was quite a new experience, testing different camera techniques and using different equipment. But the similarities between filming and photography in relation to human interaction are identical. The intensity and fire within when going for a wave. The playful joy after paddling back out after a successful ride. The quiet contemplation when waiting for the next wave. 

Tarnea O'meara was amazing as always as the subject of this Episode 2. Spending my time with wonderful humans and calling it work...