Tropical Cyclone Oma

Photos from Tropical Cyclone Oma

The news is telling me that natural disasters’ are becoming more frequent and common. I don’t actually have the facts to verify that information, but I’m sure they are available on the world wide web. Natural disasters are a regular experience for humankind, and those experienced in the Pacific are numerous and diverse including tropical cyclones, flood, volcanoes, earthquake, tsunami and fire.

In SE Queensland, we were warned that Tropical Cyclone Oma may make landfall in our region. I am connected to mains electricity, but not mains water. As part of preparations for Oma, we purchased extra canned food, stored larger amounts of drinking water and had buckets ready for the toilet if required. Flooding from Tropical Cyclone Debbie in 2017 had cut us off from town and we lost electricity for days. We also had to empty one of our water tanks which was at risk of landsliding. Fortunately, Oma turned back from henceforth she came. We lost power for only one day from the associated winds with powerlines going down, which did involve bucket flushing the toilet, something I have become accustomed to doing in many parts of Asia, and I thought, lucky we even have a toilet to flush!