Surf Salon - The Walls Art Space and Maverick

Art exhibitions are never a gathering of like-minds. Diverse thought, progressive sentiments and culture shakeups are just a small part of the happenings when people walk a path sans rules. I always enjoy going to exhibitions because I always seem to walk away with something new to think about, and feel a sense of encouragement and courage at the bravery of thought and action taken by artists around me.

Surf culture is something I am obviously familiar with, but I must admit, the ‘Hollywood’ nature of the surf town I live in can leave me feeling like a horse with blinkers on. The act of surfing is more than training for the tour, getting photos for sponsors and buying a house with the proceeds. I am excited to explore surfing, community and culture in more depth over the next years as I try to develop my understanding of the world around me!

Thankyou to Rebecca Ross at The Walls and Byron Coathup at Maverick, for including me as an artist in the inaugural Surf Salon exhibition, and giving us the space and freedom to pursue our creative endeavours!

Photos by Shenna Heard.

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Surf salon by shenna heard.jpg